For the first 12 months after installation, we will repair or replace any defective part of the system including the wiring and will make any needed adjustments to customers system at no charge to customer. We will use new or functionally operating parts for any replacements.

Warranty Exclusions: We only perform warranty services during our normal working hours. If it is requested by the customer, we will perform warranty services after hours however the customer will be required to pay the charges for after hour fees for labor and parts. The limited warranty does not apply if we determine on inspection that any of the following conditions caused the need for service to the customers system:

1. Damage resulting from accidents, acts of god, natural disasters, theft, electrical surges, alterations or misuse of the customers system.

2. Customer fails to properly close or secures doors, windows or any other area protected by an alarm device.

3. Customers fail to follow the operating instructions provided.

4. Phone line trouble, or use of DSL, or Cable lines for a phone line.

5. Power loss or interruption in power service.

6. Ordinary maintenance or system wear and tear.

7. Any alterations made to the system made at customers request or changes made necessary by a change at customers property.

Our company’s obligation is to provide any replacement parts or repair service which will be conditioned by the availability or the original parts for the original manufacture.